ACER recommends the adoption of the Network Code on Forward Capacity Allocation

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This Recommendation follows the resubmission of the Network Code by ENTSO-E on 2 April 2014. The Agency acknowledges the efforts of ENTSO-E to take into account elements proposed in the Agency’s Opinion on the Network Code of 18 December 2013  in particular with regards to the remuneration of long-term transmission rights.
However, the Network Code resubmitted by ENTSO-E to the Agency is in some aspects still not in line with the Framework Guidelines and the objectives stated therein, and lacks ambition regarding the implementation horizon.
The adoption proposed is subject to specific amendments addressing some concerns raised by ACER in its Opinion of December 2013 and not sufficiently tackled within the resubmitted Network Code. Among those, the two following aspects are of concern: the deadlines set to implement terms and conditions or methodologies and the firmness regime.
Additional information on the Network Code development process can be found here.