ACER and ENTSOG publish a new solution to issue raised on Gas Network Codes Functionality platform

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What is it about?

​​ACER and ENTSOG have published a solution on the Gas Network Codes Functionality (FUNC) platform, related to the issue "Dutch TSO requirement of message PRODOC".

​The platform allows relevant parties to notify implementation and operational issues related to the gas Network Codes.​ The web-based platform collects the issues and facilitate cooperation among stakeholders to find relevant solutions.

In February 2020, the European Association for the Streamlining of Energy Exchange – gas (EASEE-gas)​ reported that the Dutch TSO requirement of message PRODOC is unnecessary and contrary to Network Code on Gas Balancing of Transmission. PRODOC is a document containing information about the load forecast that a balancing responsible party sends to the system operator as part of the daily balance area management process for the day ahead.

When processing the issue, ACER and ENTSOG were made aware that the use of the PRODOC message is a requirement under Dutch national law. In the issue solution, ACER and ENTSOG conclude that the review of the Dutch Energy Act is pending, and it foresees to discontinue the PRODOC requirement in the future. Since the changes in the national law remain a precondition to solve this issue and since the preparatory work for the legislative changes are ready, ACER and ENTSOG propose that the issue be solved at the national level.

The solution paper and relevant documents are available on the FUNC platform.