PC_2014_E_08 - Joint Public Consultation ACER/ENTSO-E on the establishment of European Network Code Stakeholder Committees

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What is it about?

​​From 12 December 2014 to 23 January 2014 the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) together with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) is running a public consultation on on the role of stakeholders in the implementation of network codes and related guidelines, and on the establishment of European Network Code Stakeholder Committees.   ​​

The Agency and ENTSO-E invite all interested parties to submit their comments on the consultation document on the Role of stakeholders in the implementation of network codes and related guidelines, and in particular on the establishment of European Network Code Stakeholder Committees.

Responses to the consultation must be sent to consultation.acer@entsoe.euby 23 January midnight, Central European Time.

Background information


Network codes were developed with a view to achieve Europe’s key energy policy goals of security of supply, competitive internal energy market (IEM) and decarbonisation. This is why network codes need to be implemented and complied with throughout the European Union.

All market participants, Distribution System Operators (DSOs), Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs), Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and regulators will be involved. The implementation of network codes will be work intensive. Strong, continuous and effective stakeholder engagement is key for the successful implementation of network codes. This is why extensive consultation needs to be organised throughout the implementation phase. 

With the draft guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management (CACM), adopted by Member States in comitology on 5 December 2014, the European Commission tasked ACER, in close collaboration with ENTSO-E, to establish a stakeholder committee to facilitate discussion with stakeholders during the implementation phase of the different network codes.

Consultation documents

The Agency presents for public consultation the following consultation document:

• Consultation document

Evaluation of responses and responses

The Evaluation of the responses received during the public consultation  as a summary document can be viewed here. The Draft Terms of Reference, prepared by ACER and ENTSO-E on the basis of the feedback received in the public consultation process, can be read here.

The Agency and ENTSO-E received 33 responses to this Joint Public Consultation on the establishment of European Network Code Stakeholder Committees (PC_2014_E_08), which can be viewed below.​

01R EURELECTRIC_Response.pdf01R EURELECTRIC_Response
02R RWE_Response.pdf02R RWE_Response
04R Axpo_Response.pdf04R Axpo_Response
05R EDF_Response.pdf05R EDF_Response
06R EON_Response.pdf06R EON_Response
07R Europex_Response.pdf07R Europex_Response
08R COGEN Europe_Response.pdf08R COGEN Europe_Response
09R E3G_Response.pdf09R E3G_Response
10R Energy UK_Response.pdf10R Energy UK_Response
11R ECOS_Response.pdf11R ECOS_Response
12R Edison_Response.pdf12R Edison_Response
13R EHI_Response.pdf13R EHI_Response
14R ELEXON_Response.pdf14R ELEXON_Response
15R EnBW_Response.pdf15R EnBW_Response
16R EnelSpA_Response.pdf16R EnelSpA_Response
17R Citizens Advice Bureau_Response.pdf17R Citizens Advice Bureau_Response
18R ESB GWM_Response.pdf18R ESB GWM_Response
19R ESTELA_Response.pdf19R ESTELA_Response
20R EUGINE and  Europgen_Response.pdf20R EUGINE and Europgen_Response
21R EUTurbines_Response.pdf21R EUTurbines_Response
22R EWEA_Response.pdf22R EWEA_Response
23R GOT Energy_Response.pdf23R GOT Energy_Response
24R Jukka_RANNILA_Response.pdf24R Jukka_RANNILA_Response
25R Nordenergi_Response.pdf25R Nordenergi_Response
26R Orgalime_Response.pdf26R Orgalime_Response
27R NGET_Response.pdf27R NGET_Response
28R Statkraft_Response.pdf28R Statkraft_Response
29R Swedenergy_Response.pdf29R Swedenergy_Response
30R Vattenfall AB_Response.pdf30R Vattenfall AB_Response
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