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Harmonised transmission tariff structures

Harmonised transmission tariff structures


Transmission tariffs enable the transmission operators to recover the allowed revenues which are usually based on the efficient costs for operating the network, including an appropriate return on network investment. In addition, tariffs should also provide economic signals for the efficient operation and location of producers and consumers, where appropriate.     

Regulation (EC) No 714/2009 on conditions for ​access to the network forcross-border exchanges in electricity was adopted as part of the Third Package to facilitate competitive and integrated energy market across the European Union. According to this Regulation network access charges shall, among other things, promote transparency, take into account network security, reflect actual/efficient costs, be non-discriminatory and non-distance related, and provide, where appropriate, locational signals at European Union level.     

Scoping towards potential harmonisation of electricity transmission tariff structures

Regulation on conditions for access to the network for cross-border exchanges in electricity allows for the development of a legally binding Network Code on rules for harmonised transmission tariff structures and for the elaboration of a Framework Guideline setting out principles for such a network code. The European Commission may adopt Guidelines determining appropriate rules leading to a progressive harmonisation of the underlying principles for setting the charges applied to producers and consumers (load) under national tariff systems. Such Guidelines shall provide the minimum degree of harmonisation required to meet the aims of the Regulation and not go beyond what is necessary for that purpose.    

Rules regarding harmonised electricity transmission tariff structures were identified as a priority matter in Commission Decision 2014/713/EU1 on the establishment of the annual priority lists for the development of network codes and guidelines for 2015. The Decision notes a scoping activity by Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators ACER to prepare framework guideline.    

ACER’s Milestones