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10-AB-12-13_Follow up to the external survey.pdf
12-AB-12-13_Budget transfer.pdf
13-AB-12-13_Budget transfer.pdf
14-AB-12-13_Budget transfer.pdf
15-AB-12-13_ Budget transfer.pdf
16-AB-12-13_Budget transfer.pdf
17-AB-12-13_Budget transfer.pdf
18-AB-12-13_Budget transfer.pdf
19-AB-12-13_Budget Transfer.pdf
1-AB-12-13_Draft Agenda -Version 2.pdf
20-AB-12-13_Budget transfer.pdf
21-AB-12-13_Budget transfer.pdf
2-AB-12-13_Minutes 11th AB (05122012) FINAL! (all comments included).pdf
4a-AB-12-13_Annex to the Decision on BoR reimbursement.pdf
4-AB12-13_Amendment of AB Decision on BoR reimbursement of expenses.pdf
5-AB-12-13_Roadmap on the follow up to the Common Approach on EU Decentralised Agencies.pdf
6-AB-12-13_Joint Statement of the EP, Council and EC on Decentralised Agencies.pdf
7-AB-12-13_Estimate of revenue and expenditure for 2014.pdf
9-AB-12-13_Work programme 2014 - Priorities.pdf