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11-AB-15-13_Report on AP activities at the FSR.pdf
12-AB-15-13_Draft Decision on academic cooperation of the Director with FSR in 2014.pdf
13-AB-15-13_ECA REPORT ACER_2012.pdf
19-AB-15-13_DECISION AB 18-2013 on the appointment of the new alternate of the BoR.pdf
1-AB-15-13 Agenda draft V4.pdf
2-AB-15-13_Minutes of the 14th AB meeting.pdf
4-AB-15-13_ DRAFT ACER 2014 Budget.pdf
5-AB-15-13_Final review of the WP 2013.pdf
6-AB-15-13_Appointment of BoR members.pdf
7-AB-15-13_ Note 1 FR from the EC.pdf
8-AB-15-13_Note 2 FR from EC.pdf
9a-AB-15-13_ ACER Financial regulation Final version.pdf
9-AB-15-13_ACER Financial regulation.pdf