Presentation of ACER Gas Target Model

Charlemagne Building, room Lord Jenkins, 170 Rue de la Loi, ground floor, 1049 Brussels, Belgium, 16 January, 2015. From 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM

​During this event on 16 January 2015 in Brussels, ACER will launch its updated Gas Target Model. It will be an opportunity for ACER to present the results of the update of the regulatory vision for the design of the single European gas market and to discuss it with stakeholders.


You can access the recording of the whole event within the link below (Due to technical reasons beyond ACER’s control, the first 20 minutes of the video have no sound):



You can find further information on the ACER Gas Target Model here.

Launch of ACER updated Gas Target Model Presentations.pdf
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ACER Press Release-02-15.pdf
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ACER-Citizens Summary-01-15.pdf
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European Gas Target Model Review and Update.pdf
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AGTM launch workshop agenda.pdf
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A14-AGTM-13-03d_GTM_Annex 6 - Gas market integration and connection tools_final.pdf
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A14-AGTM-13-03c_GTM_Annex 5 - Wholesale market metrics results_final.pdf
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A14-AGTM-13-03b_GTM_Annex 4 - Stakeholder Requirements Market Inquiry Results_final.pdf
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A14-AGTM-13-03a_GTM_Annex 3 - Calculation specification metrics_final.pdf
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