ACER finds implementation of EU Regulation on Requirements for Generators on track in most countries

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The new report

​​​According to the third ACER monitoring report on the implementation of the Network Code on Requirements for Generators, implementation is well on track in the majority of countries analysed. However, a few of them confirmed that the implementation of some of the requirements of general application has differed from the provisions included in the Network Code.

Similarly, it was reported some requirements in the corresponding national grid codes go beyond those laid down in the EU Regulation.

In the report, ACER recommends:

  • Not to withhold connection to the network to a prospective system user that complies with all the requirements and capabilities in the Network Code, in case it is unable to comply with requirements included only in national regulations.
  • National Regulatory Authorities to complete or promote, if empowered to do so, expeditious implementation of the Network Code where the implementation has not been yet completed.

The Network Code on Requirements for Generators provides harmonised standards for power generating modules connected to the network. The implementation of a harmonised set of provisions facilitates the competitiveness and the market of generation technologies across Europe.

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