ACER launches consultation to integrate further electricity balancing between Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway

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​The European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) launches today a public consultation in accordance with the EU Regulation establishing a Guideline on Electricity Balancing, which aims to further integrate the EU balancing markets regionally. It refers to the methodologies needed to create a common Nordic automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR) Balancing Capacity Market for Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The methodologies provide the description of common and harmonised rules for the procurement of balancing capacity, as well as the method to determine the value and amount of cross-zonal capacity allowing the exchange of balancing capacity between those countries.​

All interested parties are invited to submit their comments by 20 May 2020, 23:59 hrs (CET)​.  

Find out more about the consult​ation.​