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Pre-consultation  on “Energy Regulation: A bridge to 2025” set of papers

These papers aim to identify, in a more holistic way, the key challenges and regulatory responses to 2025. Each of the detailed papers outlines our early thinking and some more technical aspects of our vision to 2025.
We welcome the initial views of stakeholders, as part of a “pre-consultation phase”,  notably whether we have identified all the key issues.
Our next milestone will be a Green (discussion) Paper which we plan to issue in early 2014. That Green Paper will be the basis of the formal detailed consultation before we develop our final recommendations which will be published in mid - 2014.
An initial presentation of our thinking has taken place at the workshop on 6 November in Brussels.
Responses to this pre-consultation phase need to be submitted by 17 December 2013 to the following address:
BDEW response - Document 1.pdf
BDEW response - Document 2.pdf
BDEW response - Document 3.pdf
BDEW response - Document 4.pdf
BDEW response - Document 5.pdf
British Gas response.pdf
CEDEC response.pdf
CEPI response.pdf
CZ MIT response.doc
E.ON response.pdf
EDF Energy response.pdf
Edison SpA response.pdf
EDSO response.pdf
EFET response.pdf
ENA response - Document 1.doc
ENA response - Document 2.doc
Enagás response.doc
ENEL response - Document 1.pdf
ENEL response - Document 2.pdf
ENEL response - Document 3.pdf
ENEL response - Document 4.pdf
Energia response.pdf
Energy UK Response.pdf
ENI response - Document 1.pdf
ENI response - Document 2.pdf
ENI response - Document 3.pdf
ENI response - Document 4.pdf
ENTSO-E response.pdf
EPIA response.pdf
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