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CALL FOR INTEREST System Operation European Stakeholder Committee (SO ESC)

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) calls on EU associations involved in the Electricity sector to express their interest to participate in the System Operation European Stakeholder Committee (SO ESC).     
As part of its effort to ensure effective engagement of stakeholders in network code implementation, in close cooperation with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for electricity (ENTSO-E), ACER is launching a call for interest to participate in the SO ESC.    
This is the third ESC (alongside Market and Grid Connection) to be set up by ACER. The SO ESC will adhere to similar principles as agreed upon in the Terms of Reference for the Market and Grid Connection ESCs. The draft Terms of Reference for the SO ESC are available here.

The SO ESC is open to all EU associations with a stake in the System Operation network codes (i.e. Guidelines on Electricity Transmission System Operation and Network Code on Electricity Emergency and Restoration).     


When expressing its interest, each EU association is invited to:     

    Demonstrate its European-wide scope, as well as its involvement at regional and national levels;      
    Explain the stake it has in the implementation of the System Operation Guidelines and Emergency and Restoration Network Code;      
    Indicate the number of seats required, with justification;      
    Commit to attend and actively participate in all the meetings and to cover the related costs;      
    To designate a contact person within the association.      

The expression of interest should be sent no later than February 2017 EOB by email to electricity(at) with the following subject in the email: ‘Expression of interest in the System Operation ESC’.    


Next Steps:     

    After this deadline, ACER will consider all expressions of interest received and will decide on the composition of the SO ESC. The Agency will endeavour to form an SO ESC that, to the extent possible, represents diverse industry interests. Nonetheless, candidates should be aware that, due to space constraints and in order to maintain effectiveness, ACER may limit the number of available seats in the SO ESC. Therefore, the Agency cannot guarantee that all associations which express an interest will be able to participate in this ESC.       
    The selected SO ESC associations will be contacted and invited to indicate the names and contact details of their representatives (alternates may be designated in case the usual representative(s) would not be able to attend a meeting).         
    The final SO ESC member list of EU associations and the number of seats assigned to each association will be published on ENTSO-E's online platform.         
    ACER aims to hold the first SO ESC meeting in Brussels on Tuesday 14 March.    

All System Operation ESC member and non-member associations will at any time be able to access all the material and minutes of the ESC, which will be publicly available on the dedicated online platform developed by ENTSO-E. ​