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The Agency

​ThACER headquartere European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) was established in March 2011 by the Third Energy Package legislation as an independent body to foster the integration and completion of the European Internal Energy Market (IEM) both for electricity and natural gas.

ACER has its headquarter in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

By fostering the cooperation among National Energy Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), ACER ensures that market integration and the implementation of the national legislations are achieved according to the EU's energy policy objectives and regulatory frameworks.


What does the Agency do for you?

​​It ensures:

  • a more ​competitive, integrated market, offering consumers more ​choice;

  • an ​efficient energy infrastructure and networks, enabling energy to move freely across borders, the integration of renewable sources, and therefore ensuring a higher degree of ​security of supply;

  • ​monitored and ​transparent energy market guaranteeing consumers fair, cost-reflective prices and ​a limitation of market abusive behaviours.


ACER is continuously working towards a single energy market to the benefit of all EU consumers.


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